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Elvaston Castle
(Picture courtesy Steve Tomkinson)

All Hands To The Rescue Of Elvaston Castle

Andy Savage’s film of the Old English Garden



Some significant progress has been made over the last two years or so in respect of Elvaston Castle Country Park. A steering group was formed by Derbyshire County Council in order to address some of the problems and pave the way for a Management Board to take control of the day to day running of the Estate in conjunction with the Council. The current County Council has been much more pro-active in attempting to find solutions to the long standing problems from which The Country Park has suffered, including spending 750,000 on roof repairs, the scaffolding of which is shortly to be taken down.

However, consistent cuts in government revenue funding to local authorities has seriously hampered the ability of those bodies to finance and administer the  properties and departments it runs and evidence of this locally is that Derbyshire County Council is due to shed some 750 jobs over the months to come.

We do not presently know how this might affect the long awaited progress at Elvaston Castle Country Park but we will be contacting the Council shortly to try and gain an insight into how it proposes to continue to accommodate the restoration of The Country Park, given the tight restrictions it now faces alongside many other authorities up and down the country.

Our commitment is still the same as it has always been, to restore Elvaston Castle Country Park to as close to its former glory as ongoing circumstances permit and to ensure that it remains available and fully accessible to the community which we represent at all times. Over the years we have engaged with thousands of different individuals and organisations in pursuit of our joint goal and realise just what Elvaston Castle means to so many different people.

Whatever the future brings about in relation to the Elvaston Estate, no one should be in any doubt about the level of our commitment to it and our avowed intention to assist Derbyshire County Council with its renaissance at every opportunity.

Please see our contact details below if you wish to join us, or have any suggestions in how we may be able to increase our level of support for the Estate.

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(Updated on 07 March, 2016).







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