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Friends Forward Plan



Your contributions and help and support for our fund raising efforts means a great deal in helping us to save Elvaston Castle Country Park. It isn't just professional advice that can be costly, but printing, IT, stationery and postage costs too. Remember, we all give our time and endeavours voluntarily because we love Elvaston Castle. However, if we are to make our voices heard it will require the combined efforts of the entire community. We believe that we can turn the tide, given sufficient backing. Please do all that you can to ensure that we win - Thank you.

Friends of Elvaston;

National Westminster Bank

Account number 64537242

Branch Sort Code 55-50-53

All financial contributions to our cause help us in the campaign to ensure that every part of Elvaston Castle Country Park, including the House and Gardens, continues to be open and available for the enjoyment and recreational pursuits of the entire community. Once again, thank you.


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