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The sunny weather over the Easter weekend, combined with different exhibitions of art and hunting birds in the courtyard buildings, and performances by a large contingent of the Sealed Knot and their excellent re-creations of battles and skirmishes from the English Civil War brought visitors flocking in their thousands to Elvaston Castle Country Park.

Hundreds of people waited at the base of the Castle steps at the end of the East Drive, where 3 pieces of ordnance were in place to try and (unsuccessfully in the end!) stop the advancing enemy. Ranging shots were fired from these cannon, the resulting thunder-crack of which shook the ground and shrouded members of the public in a thick cloud of gunsmoke.

Drums, shots and skirmishing could be heard from distant locations on the Park as various factions made their way to the battle ground proper, where they eventually clashed, pikemen, cavalrymen and musketeers (perhaps just a decade or two early for fusiliers), gave battle, which was joined by cavalry of the New Model Army.

As usual, the Sealed Knot gave their all in some very exciting performances enjoyed by the many people present.

The success of the events was apparent by the fact that everywhere was busy, the car park was packed to capacity and the café and courtyards were filled with people.

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