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Since we wrote our Policy Statement, the first paragraph of which is below; 

The Friends of Elvaston supports the creation of a community social enterprise, under the terms of the Localism Bill and Big Society principles, whereby commercial ideas are embraced within a charitable framework and then implemented to provide financial solutions to the enterprise, with all profits being returned to the project. This is an adventurous and exciting opportunity for the entire community to contribute to the renaissance of Elvaston Castle Country Park, including every stakeholder and we believe that input from all parties will be an essential part of this new way forward. 

Our suggestions for a way forward, encapsulated in the above lines as a solution to the problems at Elvaston Castle, have, unfortunately, failed to materialise. Despite some excellent proposals put forward by Roger Moors, CEO of Social Enterprise East Midlands (SEEM), in partnership with and fully supported by the Friends of Elvaston and with discussions taking place between SEEM, Derbyshire County Council, The National Trust and potential funding bodies, at various locations, The County Council has now decided that it will enter into a partnership with The National Trust and has stated that it is to hold a public consultation on its proposals when an appropriate consultation methodology has been worked out between it and The Trust.

The Council has pledged 125,000 to fund the appointment of a Project Officer to carry out work connected withThe Trust's involvement.

All that we can do now is to wait and see what the new proposals for the Estate look like and to see what questions are asked in the public consultation following the release of any further information (This article was published on May 23, 2013).

If you have any comments about aspects of our community involvement over the situation at Elvaston Castle then let us know. If you support  what we are doing then please email, or write to us (contact details below), pledging that support, whether it is moral, physical, or financial.