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No less a body than the Royal Commission On Environmental Pollution has published a report which totally endorses the positive aspects and  importance of green spaces to the community and the nation. The report outlines the absolute need of such areas in the urban environment and what the recognised benefits of having them means to the health and welfare of the community at large. One paragraph states;

'Urban environments which are dense, mixed use, easily accessible on foot or by bicycle and with a high quality green infrastructure could deliver such positive health outcomes, promoting active lifestyles whilst making prudent use of resources. Improved links between planners and health professionals could help to achieve this.'

This report heavily underpins what the community already realises  - Elvaston Castle Country Park Estate is an essential part of the green environment for both the County and the City - A vital component for the health and well being of tens of thousands of regular visitors and a welcome escape for many from the rapid urbanisation which is beginning to engulf all before it. If present housing development plans receive planning consent it cannot be long before the villages of Aston and Weston become City suburbs and Elvaston Castle will be surrounded on three sides by a dense urban landscape, an even greater reason for ensuring that it has a future for the entire community.  

To view the 'Green Infrastructure' section of the Royal Commission Report in full, click here.

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